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Re: NetBSD - lighttpd - PHP - MySQL - Mediawiki

On Thu, Sep 08, 2011 at 08:38:41AM -0700, Andy Ruhl wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 11:37 AM, herbert langhans
> <> wrote:
> > Hi listers
> > - a question I find no reference whatever I google for:
> >
> > I currently set up a webserver what should run lighttpd with mediawiki.
> >
> > But how are the necessary modules interacting? The webserver is
> > lighttpd. The php-package (is a module of lighttpd) is required to run
> > Mediawiki. But what with the mysql-database? Is php using mysql
> > directly? Or do I need to compile lighttpd together with mysql-support?
> >
> > I get not really an idea, what parts depends on what. Anybody knows, how
> > this chain lighttpd - PHP - MySQL - Mediawiki is depending?
> >
> > It would be easy to pkg_add just the binaries without compiling all the
> > sources, thats why I ask..
> >
> > All input and spiritual support welcome, thanks!
> > herb langhans
> Ok, this isn't going to be a complete answer for 2 reasons: I'm not
> that smart and I don't remember stuff too good.
> I'm using lighttpd with php and it's working on postgresql, which
> should be similar enough except you're using mysql (I can't stand
> mysql!).
> 1. Lighttpd needs to be installed first.
> 2. Install php (probably php5) from pkgsrc/lang
> 3. Install mysql from pkgsrc/databases
> 4. Install php-mysql in pkgsrc/databases
> 5. Edit the lighttpd config file to support php (I don't remember how
> to do it, hit Google).
> 6. Edit the php.ini file to load the php-mysql module, should look
> something like this:
>     You might have to add an option for the extension dir, something like 
> this:
>     extension_dir = "/usr/pkg/lib/php/20040412"
> You will probably need to tweak php.ini because php has all kinds of
> foibles about how it works depending on how you use it.
> As far as mediawiki, I've never used it so if there is anything else
> after that, I don't know it.
> The best way to check your php config is to create an info.php file
> somewhere which is web accesible. It only needs to have this in it:
> <?php phpinfo() ?>
> If it doesn't load, or only shows the text above, you know lighttpd
> isn't loading php correctly.
> If it loads, check the output and make sure the mysql module is
> loaded. It will have a section titled mysql if you did it right.
> Andy

Thanks Andy,
that's surely a good way to start. At the moment I also fight with the
mediawiki-package - it wants me to install dependencies like apache22
and lots of other stuff I dont want to have on my new NetBSD-setup. 

It would be great, if the pkg-maintainer also keeps an apache-free
package of mediawiki ready!

I guess lighttpd is quite a good solution for me. Not even about the
performance, rather the simplicity and little ressources it runs on.

herb langhans

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