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ethernet problems


I notice that from time to time the ethernet seems to hang, I notice this especially if I am remotely logged in into the computer, since exported X application will die...

I get the following:

bge0: watchdog timeout -- resetting
bge0: block failed to stop: reg 0x2c00, bit 0x00000002
bge0: block failed to stop: reg 0xc00, bit 0x00000002

afterward connectivity resumes. The LED of the Ethernet adapter continue to remain lit during the disruption.

This is on a HP latop nc6210 running

NetBSD 5.99.48 (nc6120) #4: Mon Mar 21 16:46:05 CET 2011

(running this because 5.1 was broken and could not run X11 on my display adapter.. so I can't tell if this is a new problem or an ongoing one).


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