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Re: Ports & Packages infrastructure & feature import. (fwd)

On 03.09.2011 19:39, Loganaden Velvindron wrote:
> Wouldn't it be easier to rely on experienced developers in
> that area to review your diff ?
> I already saw some commit messages like that.

Commits are peer reviewed.

It's just that you can't see all the impacts from a simple diff, and
let's face it, a modern OS is a complex machinery that can break in many
different ways. Being complex makes its even more difficult to find
people that can cope with this complexity.

> ATF's use is becoming mandatory. Can't the same be done
> with systematic peer review of non-trivial changes ?

Well, remember that NetBSD is volunteer driven; experienced developers
are already busy in making the overall system better by working on
non-trivial things, and there are a lot of these in NetBSD.

Besides, QA is usually an activity that requires quite some man power;
crowdsourcing it (often described by open source evangelists as being
one of the good things about FOSS) only works to a limited degree.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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