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Re: glassfish on NetBSD?

In article <20110904140823.GC471@agamemnon.entropie.local>,
Martin S. Weber <> wrote:
>On Sun, Sep 04, 2011 at 01:35:50PM +0000, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> > (...)
>> To get java run reliably on NetBSD we need bug reports with repeatable
>> problems. Yes, java is a difficult application to get working 100% on
>> any platform, but we can do better than what we have now.
>Is there someone at the NetBSD project who feels responsible
>about java on NetBSD? Are people listening on netbsd-java@ or is
>that just a dead list (an impression the mail-index will give you).
>Getting to boiling down reproducible problems means you need help
>in coming up with said test-case.

I don't know who else feels responsible for it, but I am the one
who got the OpenJDK working and I have been maintaining the patches
for it. I don't know of anyone else who wants to deal with it, but
if there is someone, please speak up.

>Or you can invest a couple of hours in trying to come up with
>the perfect bug report just to see it still bitrotting years 

I hope that does not happen, but you know this is an opensource project.
We are not getting paid for it :-)

>My experience is that the fix is in sooner if I get into direct
>contact with people who feel responsible for a subsystem. So who
>feels responsible for java on NetBSD? I'll happily try and come
>up with good PRs in cooperation with that or those person(s).

Well, feel free to send me mail directly, but be sure I am watching
the list and I will try to deal with the PR's, time permitting.



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