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Re: Competition (was: Ports & Packages ...)

I already caught some flak for crossposting to -users, so I'll snip all the advocacy bits and just hit a few points briefly.

On Wed, 24 Aug 2011, Jimmy Johansson wrote:

Second, I think you can. You just have to take a bit of care.
I actually built this machine a few weeks ago. It runs NetBSD 5.1 if I
disable ACPI and NetBSD current I could install without changing
anything, but it was unstable until I set "USB controller mode" to
FullSpeed and after that it is rock solid.

Good to hear. What about 3D graphics acceleration, any problems there? That, and USB UMTS/3G modems is really the stuff I'm worrying about right now.

I actually kind of run Plan9... Just for fun though. See cool above.

I'm trying it out this weekend.  :-)


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