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Re: Ports & Packages infrastructure & feature import. (fwd)

On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 07:34:23PM +0200, Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> > > When BSDs don't co-operate, Linux wins.
> > > When BSD & Linux don't co-operate, Microsoft wins.
> > 
> > Nobody ever told me it was a competition.
> Microsoft competes for admins time. MS PCs gets virused, harvested, add to
> spam databases & zombies, & flood innocent servers. I work unpaid on BSD
> public servers to repel such mess.  Celebrate MS to Linux or BSD migrations.
> > How are we ever going to catch up  ...
> Shared maintenance of common bits of code where possible.

Problem is that there is probaly a reason there are several *BSDs today
with code bases that are diverging more and more.

Different goals and different design decisions for starters.

The different project have invested a lot of time and effort into some of
the shared code they have. 

But then again, just finding that little piece of code that you can
share might be a start, but finding the right piece of code and then
convince all players to agree to share the same code might be

Also I think there is kind of an us against the other kind of attitude
amongst the BSD projects. I'm not sure why, but maybe some more people
using several of the projects, donating patches and bug reports and
participating in different mailinglists would be an ice breaker.

> > I run NetBSD at home and work at a
> > company that develops ontop of FreeBSD. 
> Lucky you, 2 x BSD :-)
> Nice if more BSD job ads.  Most seem to be MS, most of the rest, Linux.

Well, work is always work and I tend to define myself in what I do in my
spare time. As long as I am satisfied with my spare time I could work
with anything. And it doesn't really matter which platform you write
code on as long as the problems you are solving are interesting.

I have worked as a windows coder too and got to write some interesting
code there too. But granted, working with BSD at work too is kind of a
perk! :-)


If you don't shoot the bearers of bad news, people will keep bringing it to you.

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