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Re: NetBSD vs FreeBSD

On Thu, 4 Aug 2011, Alex Goncharov wrote:

> /bin/ls /usr/local/etc/*.sample | xargs -n1 -t pkg_which

Yes, I already see such on my own systems. But as far as I know, there 
are not samples for every configuration nor every package that provides 
configurations. That is the significant difference. (A minor difference 
is that the samples are kept in a different directory so less clutter 
under the etc/.)

> /bin/ls /usr/local/etc/rc.d/* | xargs -n1 -t pkg_which
> =>

I understand that they are not enabled by default, but still may 
all be ran by default and hopefully do nothing.

This is slightly different. pkgsrc by default does not install these for 
rc.d use. (They may be put in place manually or pkgsrc/pkg_add can be 
told to install them.)

> | For pkgsrc, it is the default procedure fo any configuration file is 
> | installed to an examples directory.
> ----------------------------------------
> ls /usr/share/examples/

Mostly unrelated. As far as I know, none of these are from the ports.

> ls /usr/share/examples/etc | wc -l; ls /usr/share/examples/etc | head -n 4
>       71

I think are not from ports.

> | I can easily tell pkgsrc builds to use /etc if I choose.
> I don't see such a need with ports.

There is not need. It is a personal preference by some to choose where 
they want to keep their system-wide configurations.

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