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Re: Xen

Am Dienstag, 2. August 2011, 23:25:44 schrieben Sie:
> VirtualBox is useless for large-scale virtualization. A Xen domu runs at
> almost host speed, with very little overhead

Full ACK, 
even if we've still seen some mid scale university or company NOCs where the 
CTOs / admins are really working with headless VirtualBox as their "main HV".

Especially if your main target is to run open source based operating systems 
like Linux or NetBSD (on i386/686) on NOC scale XEN PV was and is - so my 
point and for several different reasons (performance, stability, scalability)  
- the best choice in any case. We hardly want to and do avoid any full 
virtualization on internet servers.

We use XEN since the early stages in many different productive environments - 
compared and compare all the current major virtualization solutions around - 
from VMware products over kvm to VirtualBox. It is interesting to hear and 
read what kind of "crazy" stories or just "misunderstandings" are around about 
xen i.e. compared to VMware - i.e. from VMware marketers...

VirtualBox is our preferred HV on typical Desktop environment (because of the 
easier graphics acceleration and USB stuff), but i hope that en will close up 
here too...


Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT&Internet

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