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Re: Xen

,--- You/Ben (Tue, 2 Aug 2011 19:38:44 -0500) ----*
| I am an AVID xen user -- I run my dom0 on NetBSD and also have 2 pleasantly
| running NetBSD domu's without issue.  And also -- just adding -- I 
| run a netbsd HVM under Xen's version of qemu to do some testing.

[ I want to be educated on this ]

When I researched it a couple of years ago, I came to several
conclusions on Xen:

  * A guest of a NetBSD won't use more than one CPUs.

  * Xen does not mix well with FreeBSD (I don't remember the details).

    So, of Unixes, only a Linux/NetBSD mixes can be seriously

  * I also had frustrating Xen configuration problems when I went from
    hosting it on NetBSD 4 to NetBSD 5.  Something about network
    interfaces, IIRC.

Can you comment on any of these points?
| In my opinion, NetBSD will soon be the choice OS for virtualization.

Why do you think so?

I am no expert, but it seems to me that VirtualBox gets much more
attention (and is, in my experience, easier to configure and use).
But VirtualBox is probably not a NetBSD strength, or is it?

| Just wish it would get there sooner.  I see all kinds of people
| report problems that they have issues with Xen's networking, Xen's
| this, Xen's that,

Precisely what I remember, from the two-three years ago.  Ultimately,
why fight it, when there are easier options?  I might have been
impatient, but still...  VirtualBox on FreeBSD worked out of the box.
Performance was such, though, that I abandoned its use soon, too.  With
the current modest costs of hardware...

-- Alex -- --

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