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Re: What makes NetBSD special?

On 07/31/2011 11:10 PM, Andy Ruhl wrote:
There isn't much difference in actual use. It's some minor differences
in package management for the most part.

The difference for the lay person is functionality and supported
hardware. NetBSD is ahead as far as number of platforms, but FreeBSD
has all of the really popular ones as far as I remember. FreeBSD also
has support for ZFS which some people consider important.

Who has better support for peripherals and components? I'm thinking printers, digital cameras, webcams, graphics cards, etc. I did find this page:

But as far as I can tell it doesn't cover AGP graphics cards, printers, etc. Is there another page that covers printers, webcams and so on?

This is what makes NetBSD totally worth it to me:

cvs -d<cvs server>  update -PAd -r<release you're using>  src
cd src
./ release

Then you can install/upgrade your OS from that. It's so easy to
maintain the OS. I know others strive for this simplicity, but they
aren't quite there yet in my opinion.

Interesting. Thanks.

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