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Re: Zope, Plone, etc: pkgsrc vs upstream source?

On 6/18/11, Niels Dettenbach <> wrote:

> Newer Zope versions (from 2.12) as extensions / python modules are (as the
> Zope 3 pathes) installed and maintained by their own ("eggified") software
> management environment like:

Yes. I saw that on a recent return "inspection tour" of Zope after
being away from working with it for a few years.

> From my view it should be [very] difficult to merge these into pkgsrc at
> all.

Well, as things stand now there are Zope and Plone packages in pkgsrc.
Hence my curiosity...

> It IS possible to install and maintain the full parts (python environment)
> of  even newer Zope versions (excluding Zope byself) the "classical" way over
> the host pkgsrc / package management, but this is afaik not supported nor a
> target of the Zope projects at the time.

Ah...that would have been my guess. As I am certain you know, Zope is
well behaved install-wise, meaning that it doesn't write files all
over the place. <g> I should try an "egg," and get my feet wet again
in the Zopeish waters.


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