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Re: Zope, Plone, etc: pkgsrc vs upstream source?

Am Samstag 18 Juni 2011, 04:39:12 schrieben Sie:
> Thoughts? Hopes? Fears? <g

Not shure if i understand you right here - but will try to give some points 

Newer Zope versions (from 2.12) as extensions / python modules are (as the 
Zope 3 pathes) installed and maintained by their own ("eggified") software 
management environment like:
        - zc.buildout
        - easy_install

see i.e.:

From my view it should be [very] difficult to merge these into pkgsrc at all. 
On the other hand it could / may be helpful to provide Zope install in 
[initial] parts over pkgsrc (i.e. preparation of the initial install 
environment (python and/or virtinst etc.) i.e. in /opt or /var/zope or some 
path like that).

It IS possible to install and maintain the full parts (python environment) of 
even newer Zope versions (excluding Zope byself) the "classical" way over the 
host pkgsrc / package management, but this is afaik not supported nor a target 
of the Zope projects at the time.

Pls feel free to discuss this further...





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