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Re: Build breakage on netbsd-5, now Results of new NetBSD-5.1_STABLE

I downloaded the updated NetBSD from, and installed it, source 
too.  Version showed as NetBSD-5.1_STABLE in uname -a.

In addition to the supplied generic kernel, I built two custom kernels: one 
with vesafb and drm enabled and one without.

In all cases, I was able to access my Linux partition with inode size 256 
bytes.  In all cases, I was able to get into X with startx, but I was not able 
to get back to a readable screen, though I was able to successfully type 
"shutdown -r now", and that got me out.  With the vesafb enabled, without going 
into X, screen would go blank after about 30 seconds of keyboard inactivity but 
would come back when I typed "screenblank -u" at a root command prompt.  In 
this case I have to keep a root command prompt open and remember which virtual 
terminal it is on.  I had this screen-blanking bug since NetBSD 5.0.2.  It 
makes no difference if I have screenblank=NO, apmd=NO and powerd=NO (or YES) in 
/etc/rc.conf .

When I was in X with the spartan twm, I was able to use the command prompt in 
three xterms, and when the screen would go blank after a certain period of 
inactivity, it would come back in response to a keystroke.

Now I wonder if there is a way to switch from one wm to another, such as from 
twm to icewm, without going to a text-mode command prompt in between.

I am also readying to try NetBSD-current (HEAD) to get a taste and see if I 
still get this screenblanking bug, am trying on a USB stick first to avoid 
disrupting the hard-disk installation of 5.1_STABLE; installing binary sets and 
source is much slower than on the hard disk.


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