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A problem with NetBSD's mirror in Finland

Dear list.

I do not know if it is an error at my site or what, but:
I've played around with translating packages. I've noticed that the
script generated by "make fetch-list" always fails to find the host
"" whenever it executes below quoted line.
unsorted_sites=" <snip> \<whatever>/ \
    <snip> "

Living in Denmark, I often use "ftp -a", and my .netrc says:

machine macdef init
lcd downloads
cd pub/NetBSD

And usually I get what I need by changing to the directory defined in the
NetBSD documentation.

Somehow it seems difficult to maintain the correct alias
"" for "" even if both addresses work.
I can use "ftp" or "ping".  Both bring me to the same site but the two "ftp"s
end in different directories..

It is a small problem, but it annoys me.


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