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Re: New NetBSD user - ALTQ confusion

Gerard Lally <> writes:

> I have tried to get ALTQ going based on these assumptions but I am
> having no success. I would like to know before going further that the
> picture is clear in my head with regard to what is happening and where.
> many thanks.

    PF can drive altq on its own, at least under netbsd-4.  No altqd

    This is a simplification of what I have under 4.x:

$ grep queue /etc/pf.conf
altq on $interface cbq bandwidth 12Mb queue { def, guest }
queue def bandwidth 75% cbq(default borrow ecn)
queue guest bandwidth 600Kb cbq(ecn)
pass in quick on $interface from to any keep state queue guest

$ config -x /netbsd |grep ALTQ
options         ALTQ            # Manipulate network interfaces' output queues
options         ALTQ_BLUE       # Stochastic Fair Blue
options         ALTQ_CBQ        # Class-Based Queueing
options         ALTQ_FIFOQ      # First-In First-Out Queue
options         ALTQ_FLOWVALVE  # RED/flow-valve (red-penalty-box)
options         ALTQ_HFSC       # Hierarchical Fair Service Curve
options         ALTQ_PRIQ       # Priority Queueing
options         ALTQ_RED        # Random Early Detection
options         ALTQ_WFQ        # Weighted Fair Queueing

    I could probably trim some of the config lines, but was fiddling
around once upon a time.

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