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New NetBSD user - ALTQ confusion

I am having some trouble getting ALTQ working in NetBSD 5.1 x86_64.
The man page for pf.conf appears to suggest queueing is
implemented in the packet filtering engine, the same way it is
implemented in OpenBSD. My research so far, however, suggests the
NetBSD ALTQ implementation consists of a separate daemon.

This is what I have concluded so far:

1) for ALTQ to run in NetBSD PF needs to be compiled into the kernel,
not run as a loadable kernel module;

2) ALTQ is not configured in /etc/pf.conf, as the man page appears to
suggest, but rather in /etc/altq.conf;

3) the section on queueing in the NetBSD pf.conf man page is redundant.

I have tried to get ALTQ going based on these assumptions but I am
having no success. I would like to know before going further that the
picture is clear in my head with regard to what is happening and where.
many thanks.

As a sidenote, I am hugely impressed with NetBSD so far. I was
delighted to find a BSD with Xen virtualisation. I have some questions
regarding that and pkgsrc which I will post shortly.
Gerard Lally

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