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Re: New NetBSD user - ALTQ confusion

On 16 Dec 2010 10:45:44 -0500
Daniel Hagerty <> wrote:

> Gerard Lally <> writes:
> > I have tried to get ALTQ going based on these assumptions but I am
> > having no success. I would like to know before going further that
> > the picture is clear in my head with regard to what is happening
> > and where. many thanks.
>     PF can drive altq on its own, at least under netbsd-4.  No altqd
> needed.

Thank you. That's what I couldn't figure out in the NetBSD
implementation of PF.

I should say that I had ALTQ working in 5.02, using the daemon altqd.
This caused quite a lot of trouble with mbufs, which I could resolve
only by restarting altqd once mbuf usage was over 1000.

I thought my problems might have to do with the external interface of
the gateway, which was a wireless D-link (ral0) USB adapter. I replaced
that with a PCI Edimax (ral0) adapter, which was certainly better at
maintaining the wireless signal but no better with regard to mbuf usage
under altqd. (The machine is a dual-CPU Xeon, 2GB RAM HP workstation
with one Broadcom Gigabit ethernet adapter - bge0. I am using it just
to learn NetBSD, networking, firewalling, and whatnot.)

I then thought the 5.1 release might resolve the issue but in 5.1 I
just can't get altq working at all. I have a very simple pf ruleset
which works fine without altq but the minute I add queueing I have
problems. I'm not even able to ping the ISP router on the external side
of the NetBSD gateway. Tcpdump shows packets arriving from my Slackware
workstation on the internal Broadcom interface but not getting
forwarded to the external interface. Tcpdump on pflog0 shows nothing
being dropped.

I think I'm going to have to try and get a wired connection going on
the external side of the NetBSD box just to eliminate possible
buffering problems with the wireless interface. If that doesn't work
then I am convinced there is a bug in the 5.1 release of altq, although
I'm not technically savvy enough to know for sure.

But thank you very much for clearing up at least one of the issues in
my head.
Gerard Lally

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