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Re: New NetBSD user - ALTQ confusion

On 15 Dec 2010 at 20:02, Gerard Lally wrote:

> I am having some trouble getting ALTQ working in NetBSD 5.1 x86_64.
> The man page for pf.conf appears to suggest queueing is
> implemented in the packet filtering engine, the same way it is
> implemented in OpenBSD. My research so far, however, suggests the
> NetBSD ALTQ implementation consists of a separate daemon.
> This is what I have concluded so far:
> 1) for ALTQ to run in NetBSD PF needs to be compiled into the kernel,
> not run as a loadable kernel module;
> 2) ALTQ is not configured in /etc/pf.conf, as the man page appears to
> suggest, but rather in /etc/altq.conf;
> 3) the section on queueing in the NetBSD pf.conf man page is redundant.
> I have tried to get ALTQ going based on these assumptions but I am
> having no success. I would like to know before going further that the
> picture is clear in my head with regard to what is happening and where.
> many thanks.

I'm on i386 and not yet using a recent NetBSD.
I'm also using ipfilter/ipnat but I don't see how
that relates to using altq.

Kernel needed to be compiled with ALTQ support
which is then enabled in rc.conf.

altqd=YES  altqd_flags=""

I also have rc.local with "tbrconfig le0 240K 1500"

Uploads in particular increased in speed on my slow
adsl link from about 120 kbit/s to near 250 kbit/s.

I tried various methods with altq.conf and settled
on altq hfsc although I didn't find any one method
was better overall. I've kept same altq.conf since
Feb 2007.


> As a sidenote, I am hugely impressed with NetBSD so far. I was
> delighted to find a BSD with Xen virtualisation. I have some questions
> regarding that and pkgsrc which I will post shortly.
> -- 
> Gerard Lally

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