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Re: Virtualization and NetBSD

On Mon, 13 Dec 2010, Stefano Marinelli wrote:
but as far as I know, NetBSD as dom0 is unable to map more than one cpu. The 
machine is a quad core, so it would be a huge resource waste.
Is there any other (working and reliable) virtualization solution for NetBSD? 
I've seen VirtualBox in pkgsrc/wip but it doesn't cleanly compile.

As far as I knew, NetBSD used as dom0 is unable to see more than one cpu. Actually, it is true: I don't see more than one CPU on the dom0 BUT I can assign all the cpus to the domUs. So it's ok. Dom0, for me, is just the controller. Nothing will be done (just ssh running, for admin purposes)

And to put this in context, Citrix XenServer as of version 5.6 only presents 1 vCPU to the dom0 too (by choice - as it's based on Linux they could present more if they wanted). XenServer 5.6 FP1 (to be released Real Soon Now) has SMP dom0 as they felt that it would speed up packet routing, particularly with the integration of Open vSwitch. In general, once the VMs are running, dom0 does little besides broker access to VBDs and VIFs.


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