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Re: Virtualization and NetBSD

Stefano Marinelli <> writes:

> Hello everybody,
> I want to replace an old Debian server for a public company. At the moment, 
> it is running a Debian 4 (outdated) and a Windows 2000 VM inside a VMWare 
> Server 1.x.
> I'd like to replace completely the OS with NetBSD. The machine is working 
> mainly as a mail and web server. 
> The best option would be to have NetBSD as a xen dom0, a NetBSD domU as mail 
> and web server and another domU for Win2K but as far as I know, NetBSD as 
> dom0 is unable to map more than one cpu. The machine is a quad core, so it 
> would be a huge resource waste.
> Is there any other (working and reliable) virtualization solution for NetBSD? 
> I've seen VirtualBox in pkgsrc/wip but it doesn't cleanly compile.


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