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Re: Virtualization and NetBSD

Am Montag 13 Dezember 2010, 00:14:39 schrieben Sie:
> The best option would be to have NetBSD as a xen dom0, a NetBSD domU as
> mail and web server and another domU for Win2K but as far as I know,
> NetBSD as dom0 is unable to map more than one cpu. The machine is a quad
> core, so it would be a huge resource waste.
...just in addition.

I'm sorry for the religious NetBSD users, but we run several HP proliant 
machines with a XEN Gentoo Linux Dom0 (Xen kernel sources adopted from Layman 
/ openSuSe and/or Jeremy's Xen sources). 

NetBSD Dom0 on bare metal doesn't fit our needs because we can't get any 
special HP hardware running (i.e. smart array controls, iLo/IPMI access and 
more) under NetBSD Dom0.

For us on typical NOC IP servers the couple:

 - Gentoo Linux Dom0 (Gentoo should be easily to find in for typical *BSD 
users as it adopt's many of *BSD typical habits) with 

 - NetBSD DomU's on top  (plus a few further Gentoo DomUs for Linux users)

are our main choice with excellent experiences. This gives us the most out of 
the HP hardware facilities, a current Xen incl. performance and NetBSD comfort 
/ quality.

But i'm still interested in peoples which are running NetBSD Dom0 in 
production on HP proliants with a full working set of the HP management and 
monitoring features etc.

best regards,



  Niels Dettenbach
  Syndicat IT&Internet
  T.-Muentzer.-Str. 2, 37308 Heilbad Heiligenstadt - DE
  PGP public key ID 651CA20D
  Fingerprint: 55E0 4DCD B04C 4A49 1586  88AE 54DC 4465 651C A20D

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