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Re: Samba Performance problem


I am getting this

dave@atlantis>time dd if=/Volumes/filme/100527_ohnegeld1_neo_vh.wmv bs=1m 
332+1 records in
332+1 records out
348410762 bytes transferred in 151.264802 secs (2303317 bytes/sec)
0.002u 1.392s 2:31.27 0.9%      0+0k 148+69io 0pf+0w

the "Server" is a PCEngines ALIX with an old 2.5" USB hard disk attached.
The limiting factor is the 11g network.

I don't have any special settings on the server. 
I use samba-3.3.10nb1, NetBSD 5.0_STABLE from May 2010



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