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Re: Samba Performance problem

On 29.06.2010 02:26, Max León wrote:
Hello everyone,

I need a bit of advice, I have newly converted to NetBSD and I'm loving
it but there are a few things that keep me on my toes.

I have had Linux (centos) for quite some time as the core os my home
network, and I recently migrated to NetBSD 5.0.2, I set everything up
and works great, all but SAMBA.
I have to say that is quite slow, sluggish actually.
I have setup (just in case).
socket options = TCP_NODELAY
and even tried with read and wire raw, but it still crawls.

Can anyone give me some pointers?

Is it samba specific, or a more general problem?

For network performance testing, I would try a few runs of ttcp (benchmarks/ttcp under pkgsrc) between the hosts, and see if it can be reproduced at network (rather than SMB) level.

In case the other host is Windows, there should be a Windows version of it too.

It will return the output when finished.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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