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Re: postgresql 8.4 semaphores ...

OK, after some work, I've managed to narrow the issue down. It seems to
be a kernel issue - I was originally running on a -current kernel of
5.99.15 and found that the same problem occurred with 5.99.30 when I
compiled it last week, but I hadn't recorded exactly what I was doing to
know where the problem was ...

Tonight I installed 5.0.2 onto a scratch drive and installed and set up
postgresql 8.3 ... I managed to start postgresql and create a database
and users, etc etc ... without changing any of the default parameters on
either the kernel or postgresql itself ... 

After I confirmed that this was all working, I upgraded the host to
5.99.30 and discovered that the boot sequence seemed to halt as pgsql
was started. I killed this manually and found similar semaphore and
memory issues as has already been reported. I cleaned out the postgresql
database manually and tried re-creating it and found exactly the same
messages as I posted earlier (with postgresql 8.4).

So - it seems that something in -current is not allowing postgresql 8.3
or 8.4 to work, and this is broken in at least 5.99.15 and 5.99.30

Unfortunately I'd prefer to use a -current kernel as the ale network
driver I need for the onboard card isn't available in the stable
releases ...

I will now download 5.1RC2 (from memory, can't recall exact RC number)
and try the same tests there ...


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