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postgresql 8.4 semaphores ...

I'm using -current version 5.99.15 and having trouble starting postgresql 
version 8.4 from the pre-coompiled pkgsrc collection for 5.0.1_2009Q3.  The 
start message reads as follows:

|mawrth[~] 69v>: sudo sh /etc/rc.d/pgsql start
|Initializing PostgreSQL databases.
|The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "pgsql".
|This user must also own the server process.
|The database cluster will be initialized with locale C.
|The default database encoding has accordingly been set to SQL_ASCII.
|The default text search configuration will be set to "english".
|creating directory /data/pgsql/data ... ok
|creating subdirectories ... ok
|selecting default max_connections ... 10
|selecting default shared_buffers ... 400kB
|creating configuration files ... ok
|creating template1 database in /data/pgsql/data/base/1 ... FATAL:  could not 
create semaphores: No space left on device
|DETAIL:  Failed system call was semget(61, 17, 03600).
|HINT:  This error does *not* mean that you have run out of disk space.
|        It occurs when either the system limit for the maximum number of 
semaphore sets (SEMMNI), or the system wide maximum number of semaphores 
(SEMMNS), would be exceeded.  You need to raise the respective kernel 
parameter.  Alternatively, reduce PostgreSQL's consumption of semaphores by 
reducing its max_connections parameter (currently 13).
|               The PostgreSQL documentation contains more information about 
configuring your system for PostgreSQL.
|               child process exited with exit code 1
|               initdb: removing data directory "/data/pgsql/data"

I'm not wanting to reduce the number of connections as 13 seems reasonable, so 
I've attempted to use sysctl to increase these parameters but gotten similar 

|mawrth[~] 70v>: sysctl -a | grep sem
|kern.posix_semaphores = 200112
|kern.ipc.sysvsem = 1
|kern.ipc.semmni = 1024
|kern.ipc.semmns = 1024
|kern.ipc.semmnu = 1024
|kern.posix.semmax = 1024
|machdep.biosbasemem = 639

Has anyone managed to get PostreSQL working with this combination?


Malcolm Herbert                                This brain intentionally                                                left 

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