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Re: Questions about filesystem choice

On Wed, Jun 02, 2010 at 01:01:21AM +0000, DL wrote:
> Note: for whatever it may be worth I THINK I have to run / from wd0 because 
> the
> sparc64 machine I'm using will need the the modules to run the SCSI controller
> before it can use whatever is on the SCSI disk.

The real question (no modules relevant in your scenario) is: does the firmware
see the scsi disk and allows you booting from it?

If not, you can still boot from wd0 and use a kernel with hardwired 
"root on sd0a"; you create that by changing

  config          netbsd  root on ? type ?


  config          netbsd  root on sd0a type ?

in your kernel config file.


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