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Re: Questions about filesystem choice

Hello all -

I am aiming (in my very first attempt to run NetBSD) to install NetBSD to run a
VERY limited use database for access to a small amount of data and files (less
than 1000MB).  If I can get the 5.1 RC2 sysinst to do it (crossing my fingers) I
am going to attempt to install / (including the kernel) onto a 256MB flash disk
(wd0) and everything else that will be written frequently (swap, /home, /var,
/usr) to a SCSI disk (sd0).

Note: for whatever it may be worth I THINK I have to run / from wd0 because the
sparc64 machine I'm using will need the the modules to run the SCSI controller
before it can use whatever is on the SCSI disk.

My question at the moment: sysinst presents a lot of choices for filesystems to
install the minimal base and etc sets and I am not finding much in the way of
comparisons of these filesystems available for NetBSD.  Any thoughts on what
filesystem(s) (i.e. FFSv1, FFSv2, etc) might be both reliable for running / and
perhaps advantageous for extending the life of a flash disk which has some
limited number of write cycles before it dies?


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