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Re: Definition of NetBSD users

> One could argue that, as they apparently have been using CVS mostly
> before, they could continue to do so and pull legacy versions of
> NetBSD from there.
Alright, point taken.

> If they need the latest and greatest, why are they using such old platforms
> in the first place?
Occasionally one upgrades a system not because one needs the latest and
greatest but rather because the new release contains important bugfixes.
Of course, one might try to check out only those. It's ten minutes work to
patch and another hour to rebuild NetBSD 1.4 with support for 16 partitions.
Some bugfixes, however, depend on recently introduced functionality and it's
not as trivial to backport them.

> Particularly as both NetBSD's and pkgsrc's requirements on hardware
> steadily increased over the years.
Yeah, I've noticed it myself.

> I don't see why one should suffer from the disadvantages of Linux
> just not to lock oneself out of 10% of the WWW, or to enable one's
> wife to plug in a USB stick and have it mounted without her carrying
> a notebook full of UNIX commands with her, to put it bluntly...
My point is that when it comes to desktop use, NetBSD will always be trying
to catch up with Linux just as Linux was trying to catch up with Wind*ws.

Best regards

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