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Definition of NetBSD users

Do we have (a|the) concise, strict, and documented definition of
NetBSD users?  If not, I'd propose to write down it so that we can
discuss the design of things in NetBSD respecting each other.
(Otherwise we'll keep confusing each other!)


I think NetBSD user interface can be roughly categorized into these three:

- Binary distribution
  - sysinst
  - pkg_add
  - admin commands
- "SDK" (== comp.tgz)
- Source distribution
  - cvs
  - vi
  - make, cc, ...

Note that we don't need source to build applications.  Even kernel
modules should be able to be built without source "in theory".  (We've
not reached there.)


I think NetBSD users can be roughly categorized into these:

- Server users
- Desktop users
- Embedded users
- Researchers
- Hobbyists

(Based on [1], added "researchers".)

For example server & desktop users are recommended to use binary
distribution so that they can use the most reliable, stable one and
benefit from binary updates, at the cost of a little redundancy
(performance loss, memory consumption, module granularity, ...).
While we aim to enhance binary distribution support, we should never
lose internal source code quality for researchers and/or hobbyists.

Note that these users are equally important!




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