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Re: Definition of NetBSD users

> Do we have (a|the) concise, strict, and documented definition of
> NetBSD users?  If not, I'd propose to write down it so that we can
> discuss the design of things in NetBSD respecting each other.
> ...
> Note that these users are equally important!

Thanks for bringing up the question. Random observations:

*) Recently in a @tech-userlevel thread ("break down config") someone
proposed dropping support for ports which _appear_ not to be used anymore and
buying e.g. ARM/MIPS boards instead. What about those who still have old
machines and want to continue using them?

Desktop users:
*) Is NetBSD trying to outlinux Linux as a desktop system (like support Flash,
Skype, etc. out of the box) or does it just provide a desktop if you need one?
There's already PCBSD and even it is a Johnny-come-lately in that respect.

More generally, it there a clear idea what NetBSD is going to be? Will it keep
its profile as a lean and clean BSD or become yet another Un*x? 

Best regards

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