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Re: Definition of NetBSD users wrote:
Desktop users:
*) Is NetBSD trying to outlinux Linux as a desktop system (like support Flash,
Skype, etc. out of the box) or does it just provide a desktop if you need one?
There's already PCBSD and even it is a Johnny-come-lately in that respect.

More generally, it there a clear idea what NetBSD is going to be? Will it keep
its profile as a lean and clean BSD or become yet another Un*x?
Best regards
Beside being free, secure etc.

+ NetBSD defines itself as 'highly portable Unix-like operating system'. Certainly. + Pkgsrc is (at least i believe) the most flexible and also layered framework (ie; you should use same versions of openbsd and ports, you can not mix them).

By combining these two works, you will have the most portable operating system + 3rd party applications.

So; it is a server, a desktop machine, a friend of hobbyists, an assistance of researches... NetBSD is 'all' and via same source code; very very good work.

That's 'one of the reason' i love it, and i'm using it mostly as a desktop (notebook) operating system.


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