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Re: patching for 2010-002: I feel like an idiot, but this isn't working

  No, I had not; I don't really follow the difference between
  all these branch numebrs (sorry to be lazy; I'm not a regular
  user of CVS), so I just stick to my known branch (per CVS/Tags)
  unless otherwise instructed in the advisory.

CVS has the concept of branch tags and point tags.  Point tags denote a
specific version of each file and (more or less) never change.  Branch
tags denote a logical collection of files which can be updated.
NetBSD's policy is that release branches are updated with care.

current is the trunk of CVS, and thus not really a branch.  This is not
necessarily stable, and not intended for production.

netbsd-5 is a branch created before NetBSD 5.0 was released.  When 5.0
was released, the point tag netbsd-5-0-RELEASE was created.  The branch
netbsd-5-0 was created rooted at that point tag.

5.1 will be tagged along netbsd-5.  Then netbsd-5-1 will be created at
that point.

So, you can follow netbsd-5-0 and get software versions along an arc
From 5.0 to 5.0.1 to 5.0.2 and so on.  Updates to branches like
netbsd-5-0 are extremely conservative.

Or you can follow netbsd-5, which is on an arc from 5.0 to 5.1 etc.
These updates are still conservative, and I regularly update along
netbsd-5, rebuild and reinstall the entire system.

I think it is best to update the entire tree to the new branch and do a
full rebuild, but it's probably safe to update parts, as the basic
release engineering policy is not to have interface changes on release

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