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Re: patching for 2010-002: I feel like an idiot, but this isn't working

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 4:44 PM, Anne Bennett
<> wrote:
> No, I had not; I don't really follow the difference between
> all these branch numebrs (sorry to be lazy; I'm not a regular
> user of CVS), so I just stick to my known branch (per CVS/Tags)
> unless otherwise instructed in the advisory.

My general opinion is to just follow the release branch. I can't even
remember the last time the NetBSD team released something that
introduced a big problem for me as part of this stream. So I mostly
just go to one of the daily builds on that branch, for example:

I'll grab install media, or even just an install kernel and reboot
into the installer and do a binary upgrade of the entire system. It
takes, what, 30 minutes or less these days?

And I maintain the release-5 code through CVS and use my kernel config
file to build a new kernel as per my config at the same time.

Seems much simpler and cleaner than messing around with patching
whatever it is that they patched...


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