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Re: Xorg compilation issues - source update question

On 30 Jan 2010, at 19:37, Philip Dodd wrote:
> Out of interest, I updated my source tree to 5.0.1 using :
> cvs -q update -Pd -A -r netbsd-5-0
> and the build finished correctly.  CVS Updating back to 5.0_STABLE with
> cvs -q update -Pd -A -r netbsd-5
> produced exactly this error again.

It looks like you have "netbsd-5-0" X11 sources on your system which can only
be built with "netbsd-5" base system sources. You always need to checkout "src"
and "xsrc" from the same branch.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                 

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