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Re: Xorg compilation issues - source update question

On 29 Jan 2010, at 11:46, Philip Dodd wrote:
> In /etc/mk.conf I explicitly declare MKX11=YES, X11_TYPE=modular, and 
> X11FLAVOUR=Xorg.

I'm sorry but the settings don't make sense. "X11_TYPE=modular" means you want 
X11 from "pkgsrc" in which case you don't need "MKX11=YES". I would also 
not to set "X11FLAVOUR" to allow the build to pick the preferred (and supported)
X11 distribution for your platform.

> and to update the sources I use
> cvs -q update -Pd -r netbsd-5

Please also use "-A" and make sure that you updated "src" and "xsrc" with the 
same options.

> Am I right in thinking that cvs command will get me the latest version of 
> NetBSD 5 (rather than, say, getting me 5.0.1)?


        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                 

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