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Re: Compilation questions


On Jan 9, 2010, at 7:13 AM, curzon dax wrote:
> Now on to my question: I migrated to NetBSD from Gentoo a while back now,
> and in Gentoo it was possible to compile everything (meaning kernel,
> packages etc) in RAM. Is there such a provision in NetBSD, and if there is,
> how do I go about it? (Or if it's documented anywhere, could you please
> point me in the right direction?)

If you use the "-pipe" flag when compiling, the GCC compiler toolchain will 
avoid writing temporary files to disk; see "info gcc".  This is generic to all 
platforms which use GCC as the system compiler; in the case of NetBSD, you 
could accomplish this by tweaking /etc/mk.conf to include -pipe with $CFLAGS.

Or, an alternative to using -pipe would be to mount /tmp as a RAM disk.  I 
believe the current recommendations for how to do that are here:


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