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Re: Netbook support - status update?

2010/1/4 Richard Ibbotson <>:
>> For example, what is there about the EeePC 701 that makes it a
>> "netbook" but, say, my Tadpole 3GX, or Eurocom 2700T, or IBM
>> ÂWorkPad z50 not? ÂSize? ÂWeight? ÂBattery life? ÂPower
>> Âconsumption? Designation as such by its maker?
> Size and weight. ÂYou usually find that the screen is between 7 inches
> and 10 inches. ÂLike all things in this world you get what you pay

Well, there are 11" or 12" machines based on the same architecture as
the current netbooks so I would not count them out.

What I consider a netbook is a machine with cheap and low-power
chipset (and typically non-replaceable ultra-low-power CPU affixed to
the board). The architectures are specific in that they cannot support
more powerful CPUs like the more powerful and more expensive small
laptops based on Centrino or the like.

A typical netbook has the Intel 900 family "low-power" (it's not
really that good, it probably takes most power second only to the
display) chipset with a Celeron (older) or Atom (newer) on-board CPU.
There are products based on VIA solutions similar to their mini and
mico ITX boards, though, ION + Atom products, and possibly more.

What distinguishes a netbook from a full fledged laptop for me is a
cheap low-power architecture geared towards low price and long battery
life even with low weight as opposed to architectures that offer more
power and expansion possibilities.

In this sense OLPC would also count as netbook, for example.



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