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"viaide0:1:0: lost interrupt" on NetBSD/i386 5.0.1


my NetBSD/i386 5.0.1 box reports several

viaide0:1:0: lost interrupt
       type: atapi tc_bcount: 1028 tc_skip: 1024

when I try to play a video DVD and when there is no hard disk
connected to the IDE controller. Is this normal? If not: can this
behavior definitively be attributed to a hardware problem? Or do you
see a chance that there is a bug in one of the associated drivers?

I have checked the following configurations. "Problem" means that the
above lost interrupt messages are reported (or "viaide0:0:0" when the
DVD drive is connected to channel 1), "ok" means: the video DVD
started without problems.

|  C1P  |  C1S  |  C2P  |  C2S  | result
|    disabled   |  DVD  | DVDRW | problem
|  N/C  |  N/C  |  DVD  | DVDRW | problem
|  DVD  | DVDRW |  N/C  |  N/C  | problem
|  DVD  |  N/C  | DVDRW |  N/C  | problem
|  HDD  |  N/C  |  DVD  | DVDRW |   ok

C1P: primary device on channel 1
C1S: secondary device on channel 1
C2P: primary device on channel 2
C2S: secondary device on channel 2
disabled: the channel has been disabled via BIOS setting
N/C: no device connected
DVD: DVD drive which is to be used for video playback
DVDRW: DVD burning device; not used for video playback
HDD: a (bootable) hard disk

Kind regards

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