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install help - overwrote Apple partition map (I think)

Glen Henshaw writes:
 > I fear that I have screwed up. I am trying to install netbsd on a G3
 > iBook with Open Firmware 3. Unfortunately, I didn't see the part of
 > the INSTALL that said to partition and create the file system manually
 > instead of letting the installer do it on Open Firmware 3 systems, and
 > went ahead and created a standard three partition scheme. As a
 > consequence I'm afraid I overwrote the Apple partition map, and now I
 > cannot boot the machine from its hard drive.
 > The install instructions have no information about restoring an Apple
 > partition map. Can I recover?

You could give the SystemRescueCd a try.

Download systemrescuecd-x86-1.3.4.iso from,
burn the image to a CD and boot from it. When the system is running,
run the program 'testdisk'. It is able to analyze and recover quite
a few partitions of various formats (including Apple partition maps)
and files.

In order to recover files you will need to have another storage medium
available than the disk (or partition) which you try to recover from.

May the SystemRescueCd be with you.
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