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Re: virtualize

Morgan M.C.M-L wrote:
I'm a new user of NetBSD (installing on my old Acer laptop). I would like to buy a server (dell, HP) to practice some virtualization, and have some questions.

-1. Is it necessary to have VT technologie in the processeur ?
Depends on the kind of OS you want to run, the virtualization tools you want to use (Xen, KVM, QEMU, VMWare, ...) and the typical use case (server, workstation, ...). You can use Xen without VT/HVM for example, but this will require paravirtualized guests (Linux, NetBSD and Solaris meet this criteria so far, and IIRC recent versions of FreeBSD too).
-2. Is it necessary to have a modified file/kernell to install it in the VM ?
In case of paravirtualization, yes. With hardware virtualization, most assuredly not.
-3. How many VM can we build ? (15 would be good for me)
As many as you want, provided you have enough ressource for that.
-4. Does th server need to be a SMP, or a quad core single proc, or a bi quad core ?
Does not matter.
-5. What is the minimum ram for each VM ?
Again, it depends on the kind of OS you want to virtualize. I have NetBSD domains with around 30MB, just to run some services (like a small DHCP server), and other domains with 512MB to run "lightweight" (meh) Java apps together with their GUI.

Without more details, it is rather hard to tell.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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