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Re: Drupal Configuration

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 03:43:59PM +0100, Richard Ibbotson wrote:
> Peter
> > How are you telling Drupal to connect? MySQL makes a difference
> >  between "localhost" and "" (which is totally bogus).
> >  localhost means "connection through the socket" and
> >  means "connection through the network interface lo0".
> Im telling Drupal to connect as localhost but I've also tried 
>  Still doesn't connect.
> > Does the user you're connecting as have access to the drupal
> >  database? Did you perform the grant  for <username>@localhost or
> > <username>@  This should match the connection method.
> It was grant for <username>@localhost.  Maybe I should try 
> <username>@  Maybe I'm being a slow at something here ?

Does the user have a password?  What does the database line in
settings.php look like?  Did you try connecting as the same user
using the commandline mysql client?

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