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Re: Problems after xorg patch to 5.0_STABLE

John D. Baker --> port-i386 (2009-09-20 19:57:30 -0500):
> I updated my sources this weekend to pick up the xorg patch in 5.0_STABLE
> and a number of things don't work right.  I've so-far installed on three
> different i386 platforms w/different video devices.
> Generic/OEM ATI rage128-32MB (r128 or ati driver)
> Intel i915 w/8MB? (intel driver)
> SiS 630AGP/shared-memory (16MB) (vesa driver)
>   Can't switch vt's when X server is running (all systems)
>   SiS/vesa system is glacially slow to paint the screen (you can watch
>   it draw).  It used to be quick/normal.  The SiS driver caused X to die
>   and leave the console unusable prior to the patch, so that's why the
>   vesa driver is being used.  SiS driver worked fine in XF86-4.x.
>   i915 system shows black squares for login/password prompt (and username)
>   and status/error message appears in black box on xdm login widget.
>   r128 system leaves text console in nearly-black-on-black when X server
>   exits (or back when vt's could still be switched).  It was doing this
>   before the patch as well, but I was hoping this would have been fixed.
> All systems are still using the "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" file that was tailored
> for them before the patch.
> I tried generating one with "X -configure" on the i915 system, but it
> failed.  I'll make note of the error when I get access to the machine
> again--I ran out of time this weekend.
> 'xorconfig' is missing after the patch.  Is this deliberate?  It was
> the only way to get a working configuration file on these machines.
> Sorry for not including data.  I won't have access to those machines
> again until next weekend.
> Has anyone else had problems like these?  I didn't see any reports after
> the request for tests (in which I couldn't participate--having no
> experimental machines at present).

I just updated a netbsd-5 i386 system (ThinkPad X40) and I'm seeing the
problems you describe for the intel driver: black screen as soon as I
run startx(1), can't switch to another VT afterwards.  Logging in via
ssh and sending X a SIGKILL just leaves the display garbled.

And yes, xorgconfig indeed seems not to be included in the sets;
pcitweak, scanpci, in[blw], out[blw] and ioport are also missing.

I've made [1]old (before the recent Xorg related pullups) and [2]new
(todays netbsd-5 sources) Xorg.0.log files from the system in question
available, in case anybody wants to have a look at this problem.

BTW, `X -configure' succeeds here, but starting X with the resulting
config file shows the problem described above...

Regards, Jukka


This email fills a much-needed gap in the archives.

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