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Re: Flash, but no thunder.

On Wed, 12 Aug 2009, Adam Hoka wrote:

Make sure you have these:

libflashsupport-pulse-20081219 PulseAudio support for Adobe Flash
adobe-flash-plugin- Adobe Flash Player Browser plugin

Gotcha! Thanks! Works fine now -- *-flash-plugin had sucked in libflashsupport sans "-pulse" by default. After replacing it and reinstalling the adobe plugin it works great. :)

A funny thing I noticed however is that Firefox is still convinced I am running the Macromedia flash9 plugin (in the Add-Ons->plugins tab) despite the fact that I am now running the adobe flash10 plugin. I couldn't find where that is erroneously registered or what to do about it, but at least it seems harmless. It works as intended, it just looks funny. :)


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