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Fwd: aspell memory fault

I'm having some trouble with aspell, I get a clear screen, "Memory
fault" and exit (SIGSEGV). No responce from the pkgsrc-users list
I suspect I'm the only one with this problem. I tried building
aspell manually, that build does the same thing as the pkgsrc one.

The pkgsrc binary does the same thing on two different hosts,
bonnie GENERIC netbsd-5 from July 14 and tiger GENERIC less acpi
from July 2. Not sure what might be unusual about these hosts.

There is a ktrace in the link above, can anyone give hint to
what I might check?  Looks like an aspell programming error of
some sort, but if so, how is it that I'm the only one with the
problem? Not sure what I could be doing wrong. :-\


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