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Flash, but no thunder.

I am trying to run ns-flash-9.0.159 + firefox3-3.0.11 (i.e. native built from source) from pkgsrc-2009Q2 on NetBSD 5.0_STABLE (from July 22) on my amd64 desktop with GNOME 2.26 and pulseaudio. Video works just fine, but it seems I never get any sound. YouTube is worse -- it won't even recognize that my browser has a flash plugin and just tries to send me off to Adobe. :P

Is anyone able to play this evil format with sound on 5.0/amd64/GNOME/pulseaudio and has gotten it to work with YouTube?

(I think I tried multimedia/adobe-flash-plugin first without any success at all, although would appear to be the newer option?)

Best regards,

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