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Re: is 40mbit/sec on 100mbit home router 'reasonable'?

* George Michaelson:
> I was unable to exceed 40mbit/sec on a home 4-router. ASUS WL500gp,  
> lightly loaded otherwise. (migrating 250Gb, ftp, rsync, ssh, no real  
> difference)
> Maybe I expected too much, but I thought I'd get better than 40%  
> utilization.

Are we talking LAN-to-LAN, or LAN-to-WAN here? I've used a WL500gp in the
not-so-distant past, and exceeded 40 mbit/s LAN-to-LAN quite frenquently.

WAN-to-LAN I never really tested; my DSL never exceeded 20 mbit/s at the time.

> But, OTOH, maybe I had too high expectations of this class of device.  
> After all, it doesn't actually *have* a switch backplane, its all  
> faked up by the host, as I understand it.

Huh? I lost you - AFAIK it does have a switch. What it is faking is having
separate WAN- and LAN- interfaces (the WAN port is actually just another port
of the switch, which uses vlan tagging to separate them. However, this means
that WAN-to-LAN traffic needs to pass this switch *twice*). 

In fact, I seem to recall that it is this very switch which made an attempt
to port NetBSD to these devices fail - the default configuration of the
switch is "Isolate all ports"; configuration is done using a binary
kernel module with no documetation whatsoever available, so even though the
rest of the SoC is mostly supported it ends up being pretty useless anyway..

Martijn van Buul - 

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