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Re: execname not specified in AUX vector

In article <>,
Michael Piotrowski  <> wrote:
>On 2009-07-27, (Christos Zoulas) wrote:
>>> For most of my shell scripts I'm using ksh93, built from the original
>>> ast sources (not from pkgsrc; currently Version JM 93t+ 2009-05-01).  It
>>> is installed as /opt/ast/bin/ksh, so that's also what the shebang line
>>> says.
>>> Now, if I try to run such a script from the current directory, e.g.,
>>>  $ ./script
>>> I get the error message
>>>  execname not specified in AUX vector: No such file or directory
>>> [...]
>> You could turn on the #ifdef notyet's in kern_exec.c,
>I just tried this suggestion and it works, thank you very much!
>> or make ksh not use $ORIGIN.
>I'm wondering now, is this a, umm, peculiarity with NetBSD 5, or is this
>a problem with ksh?

It is an incomplete implementation of $ORIGIN on NetBSD... 


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