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is 40mbit/sec on 100mbit home router 'reasonable'?

I was unable to exceed 40mbit/sec on a home 4-router. ASUS WL500gp, lightly loaded otherwise. (migrating 250Gb, ftp, rsync, ssh, no real difference) Maybe I expected too much, but I thought I'd get better than 40% utilization.

Thats NetBSD 5.0 both hosts, untuned. I did briefly visit the recommended tcp kernel buffer upswings, they didn't seem to make much difference.

Maybe the NMBCLUSTERS one, which requires a kernel rebuild would have been more useful?

But, OTOH, maybe I had too high expectations of this class of device. After all, it doesn't actually *have* a switch backplane, its all faked up by the host, as I understand it.

Anybody care to share more clue?


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