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Re: ppp unstable

In article <>,
David Lord <> wrote:
>On 13 Jul 2009 at 13:27, Jan Danielsson wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>     I'm using NetBSD/amd64 5.0 on a laptop to connect to the Intenet via 
>> a mobile phone (using ppp).
>>     I find ppp to be extremely unstable. There are two major problems:
>>     1) If I dial up after a reboot, I get a connection. If I shut down 
>> the connection, then it's a pain to start the ppp connection again. I 
>> get weird connection errors.
>>     2) My machine will spontaneously reboot while I'm using the 
>> connection. There's no warning; suddenly is just reboots. (This happens 
>> pretty often).
>>     And I know someone running NetBSD/i386 4.0 who is having sort of 
>> similar problems.
>>     Note: I don't know if the problem is located in ppp or the usb code.
>>     Anyone else seeing this?
>>     (No, it's not the memory chips. With an Ethernet cable connection, 
>> it's extremely stable).
>I see something similar with Vodafone usb k3520 and connecting the 
>modem will often give a kernel panic and coredump. I thought I'd 
>part solved the problem by first booting Ubuntu then NetBSD and I
>could then connect the modem and connect via ppp. Last couple of 
>days this has failed and I've just had panic/core on inserting 
>usb modem. Ubuntu 'options' driver doesn't so far have a problem
>with swapping between pcs. I'm not even sure if panic is from the 
>cdfs on the stick either rather than the serial connections, plus
>some sort of autoupdate when used on XP muddies the water even 
>further. All three systems I've tried this with have shown same
>problem, eee-pc 900, p4-2666 and mini-itx VIA C3. When I 
>eventually have a good connection there seems to be no further 
>problem so long as I don't replug the modem.

I am using a HUAWEI_E220 with current and had 0 panics. I am even
unplugging the card while pppd is running and connected. It is
extremely stable for me. In fact I travelled 2 hours from Long
Island to New York and it kept the connection up all the time.


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