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Re: ppp unstable

On 13 Jul 2009 at 13:27, Jan Danielsson wrote:

> Hello all,
>     I'm using NetBSD/amd64 5.0 on a laptop to connect to the Intenet via 
> a mobile phone (using ppp).
>     I find ppp to be extremely unstable. There are two major problems:
>     1) If I dial up after a reboot, I get a connection. If I shut down 
> the connection, then it's a pain to start the ppp connection again. I 
> get weird connection errors.
>     2) My machine will spontaneously reboot while I'm using the 
> connection. There's no warning; suddenly is just reboots. (This happens 
> pretty often).
>     And I know someone running NetBSD/i386 4.0 who is having sort of 
> similar problems.
>     Note: I don't know if the problem is located in ppp or the usb code.
>     Anyone else seeing this?
>     (No, it's not the memory chips. With an Ethernet cable connection, 
> it's extremely stable).

I see something similar with Vodafone usb k3520 and connecting the 
modem will often give a kernel panic and coredump. I thought I'd 
part solved the problem by first booting Ubuntu then NetBSD and I
could then connect the modem and connect via ppp. Last couple of 
days this has failed and I've just had panic/core on inserting 
usb modem. Ubuntu 'options' driver doesn't so far have a problem
with swapping between pcs. I'm not even sure if panic is from the 
cdfs on the stick either rather than the serial connections, plus
some sort of autoupdate when used on XP muddies the water even 
further. All three systems I've tried this with have shown same
problem, eee-pc 900, p4-2666 and mini-itx VIA C3. When I 
eventually have a good connection there seems to be no further 
problem so long as I don't replug the modem.


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